Our Story

Sushi dinner with friends, Atlanta, GA, 2008.01.12
One week Boston-New York trip, Boston, MA, 2008.03
A super fun beach trip to Panama City Beach with friends, Panama Beach, FL, 2008.05
Bench, Panama City Beach, FL, 2008.05
Beach walk at sunset, Panama City Beach, FL, 2008.05
Rocking chair, Panama City Beach, FL, 2008.05
Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Linan, Atlanta, GA, 2008.06
Animals in Atlanta Zoo, Atlatna, GA, 2008.06
Real animals in Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta, GA, 2008.06
At a downtown bar after July fourth fireworks, Atlanta, 2008.07
Crystal visited Michigan for Dan's birthday. During the visit, they went to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI, 2008.07
A cute couple is in front of Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV, 2008.07
We went to the High Museum of Art after a dumpling party on Chinese New Year, Atlanta, GA, 2009.01
It was so exciting to see Mayan Pyramids! Mexico, 2009.03
Taking pictures at Mayan ruins, Mexico, 2009.03
Mexico, 2009.03
Mexico, 2009.03
A cruise trip to the Bahamas, hotel Atlantis behind us, Cruise Trip, Bahamas, 2009.12
Cruise dinner with Dan's mom, Cruise Trip, Bahamas, 2009.12
Before dinner with friends, Cruise Trip, Bahamas, 2009.12
Shan Hai Guan -- The first fortification on Great Wall, Qing Huang Dao, China, 2010.08
Shan Hai Guan -- The first fortification on Great Wall, Qing Huang Dao, China, 2010.08
With Crystal's parents at Shan Hai Guan, Qing Huang Dao, China, 2010.08
Dalian, China, 2010.08
Tian An Men square, Beijing, China, 2010.08
Bird's Nest -- Beijing National Stadium, used throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics, 2010.08
New Years Eve at Cafe D'Mongo's Speakeasy, Detroit, MI, 2011.01
Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam, Germany, 2011.05
Crystal's birthday at Restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2011.05
Crystal's birthday at Restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2011.05
Canal Tour, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 2011.05
Windmills, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 2011.05
With Dan's brother Pete, Berlin, Germany, 2011.05
Anita's Kitchen, Ferndale, MI, 2012.03
Dino's, Ferndale, MI, 2012.03
Crystal's birthday at Ocean Prime, Troy, MI, 2013.05
Wedding Registration, Southfield, MI, 2013.06
Celebration at Cafe Cortina, Farmington Hills, MI, 2013.06
The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, 2013.07
At Ravinia Festival, Lang Lang with Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, IL, 2013.07
Cranbook, Detroit, MI, 2013.08
Cranbook, Detroit, MI, 2013.08
MeadowBrook Hall, Detroit, MI, 2013.08

Crystal and Dan first met while graduate students at Georgia Tech. Although they never had a class together they often ran into each other in the hallway and had many common friends. Their first date was in late 2007; Dan remembers that it was to hear some live jazz at the Java Monkey Cafe, Crystal thought their first date was dinner at the Thai Restaurant, Spoon. They quickly became close friends and did many fun things together: playing badminton, enjoying good food, and studying together. From committing to a relationship on Valentine’s Day 2008 until Valentine’s Day 2013, when Dan proposed to Crystal, they enjoyed their time around Atlanta and traveled together around the world. Even though they grew up in different cultural backgrounds, they have common values and share similar opinions. Now they are thrilled to get married and continue their happy life together. Both of them are looking forward to this journey together.

慧竹和Dan相识于乔治亚理工的工业工程系,虽然他们没有一起上过课,但是经常在走廊上碰到,并且有许多共同的朋友。他们最初的约会要追寻到2007下半年,Dan记得的是去Java Monkey Cafe听爵士乐,慧竹记得是去一家泰菜馆Spoon吃晚饭。他们非常投缘,一起打球,到处寻好吃的餐馆,一起看书。从2008年情人节正式成为了男女朋友,到2013年情人节Dan向慧竹求婚,他们不仅分享了在亚特兰大的快乐时光,而且还一起去世界各地旅行。虽然他们成长于不同的文化背景,但是他们志同道合,成为知己。他们非常高兴结婚,然后幸福生活下去。两人都非常期待相依相伴的人生旅程。

Dan: Crystal has a kind and positive personality. I am always happy when in her presence.


Crystal: Dan has a very good sense of humour in a subtle way. You need to be smart enough to sense it. So it proves that both of us are smart, hahaha!